Foundations of Strength

I love creative coaching! And, earlier this week I stumbled upon Fitness Quest 10’s Brett Klika.

Check out this video he recently posted called ‘Foundational Strength‘. In it, Klika walks you through a fun and effective progression for helping young athletes develop the functional strength to do push-ups.

What’s So Important About Push Ups?

As Klika says:

“As a coach you are developing physical intelligence.”

I’d definitely agree. I, like many others, call it ‘physical literacy’. There are certain fundamental movement skills that form the building blocks for all sport movement (e.g. running, jumping, stopping, starting, balance, coordination, etc.). The ability to perform a push-up, “helps lay a strong foundation of strength and stability for the rest of [an child’s] athletic career.”

Watch the video below, then read the blog »

In this second video, Klika shows a *fun* sequence for building core strength and dynamic stability in young athletes…

What Klika has done is build an effective ‘regression-progression model’. It’s great coaching—especially because it keeps in interesting for the athletes.

Coach creatively!


“Coach is is a verb [not just a noun].”

—Brett Klika