Language Can Be A Barrier, But Communication Is Universal

Good poetry makes me forget words,
renders me speechless.
I don’t hear language littered like trinkets.
These aren’t roadside tchotchkes,
they’re riverbed stones.
Feelings don’t clink like pebbles on tin scraps.
These landscapes are laid like boulders,
grenade-shattered reveries,
vast canyons we’ve ignored…
but poetry lets us walk among their ruins.

—Kerry Flory

What a majestic manipulation of language that communicates so poignantly.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to have been blessed by the joy of listening to Ignatius “Iggy” Mwela perform his poetry after meeting through PGC Basketball. I’m very excited for him as he, and his poetry slam group, Mental Graffiti, will be hitting the national stage in the National Poetry Slam Competition.

Thanks Iggy for introducing me to this whole new world of expression.


“Language is can be a barrier, but communication is universal.”