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On Being Wrong

Call me crazy, but this TEDtalk from Kathryn Schulz has everything—and nothing—to do with basketball. Either way, pull up chair, you won’t be disappointed… Fallor Ergo Sum = I Err Therefore I am. /sef.

The Lost Generation

Just back in from a wonderful week of basketball in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). I went there to spend time working with the athletes and coaches who participate in Canada Basketball’s Centre for Performance in that region. And, along the way, I was able to stop off in Toronto to catch up with some old friends …

Iconoclasts: Raising The Bar On Excellence

Sundance Channel has a great series called Iconoclasts. This is an original series that features “intimate, unpredictable portraits of creative visionaries whose passion for what they do has transformed our culture. Get an inside look at their lives from fellow creative pioneers and discover how their work has raised the bar on excellence.” That description …