The Making Of A Navy SEAL

I’ve always had a latent fascination and interest in the training that goes into ‘making’ a Navy SEAL. What’s involved in the training that yields an individual with mental make-up, self-awareness and discipline to warrant being able to be one of the few selected? (And, selfishly, what learnings can be extracted from this training that can be transferred over to the coaching and player development?)

Well, here’s an insightful video from’s blog, “The Intellectual Life of a Navy SEAL“.

Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens discusses the challenges he faced during SEAL training.

To borrow from the blog, “What makes Greitens’s narrative unique within the canon of Special Forces literature is his ability to articulate this sacrifice, and the process that makes sacrifice the only way to win. Greitens tells Big Think:

One of the things that make a warrior into a warrior is that they are dedicated to developing their strength in service to others. One of the things that makes Seals special is they can be thoughtful and disciplined and proportional in the use of force. But in order to do all of that, in order to master that, you have to have the self-mastery, you have to have the discipline that allows you to operate in these extraordinarily challenging and difficult environments and still make sure that you are in control of how you’re using force.

Check out the video…

“A SEAL’s smartest weapon, like a scholar’s, is his mind: his capacity to assess complex situations. This assessment is then coupled with the courage to achieve a given goal, and the humility to move on quietly to the next task.”