A Few Random Coaching Bullet Points

Here are a few online basketball resources and ideas that I thought others would benefit from…

Spanish Basketball Federation

  • Here’s a link the to Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB). Click on ‘Area Deportiva’ … click on ‘Entrenadores’ … click on right side menu anything that has the word ‘Formacion.’ The technical tactical stuff is under ‘Formacion Tecnico Tactica.’ There are some great animations of their teaching progressions. Don’t be thrown by the fact that it is in Spanish. The animation speaks for itself. (Thanks Coach Desjardins for sharing this… now I have to go work on my Spanish!).

FIBA Assist Magazine

  • One of the best coaching/officiating/training/administrative resources out there, in my estimation, is FIBA Assist Magazine. It’s well worth your time. They have all their issues archived for downloading. Break out the lounge chair for this… you’ll be a while.

Basketball Australia

  • Interesting Boomer’s video clip from the Australian National Team summer training camp in 2006. It gives a good snap shot of what a national team training day is like. Due note the recovery work they do in the large plastic garbage bins. Also, in the video, they talk about then high schooler, Patrick Mills. In 2007, I had the opportunity to evaluate Mills in Serbia at the U19 World Championships. In talking to Aussie staff, they had ID’d him to be the future captain of their senior national team – at 17. There is a great deal of importance it placed on identifying and developing leaders to take on the role of captain. The women’s team was the same. They continually talked about the importance of the team captain.

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