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"He opened my eyes to the little things that make the biggest difference in the world."

— Rashanda McCants, professional basketball player, WNBA 15th overall pick, University of North Carolina

See? I’m not making this up! We’re in this together. They say the road to excellence is a lonely one. Join me and lets have a profound impact on the way this game is played and taught. I hope to see you in the lab.

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A few of the past editions…

⚡️ Ask Me Anything + Building toughness and getting players to take ownership

⚡️ Arc madness, toss out the cones, creating decision makers

⚡️ BRADs in action: Go from the theoretical to the practical

⚡️ On practice design, what’s behind a skill, and terminology

⚡️ Never foul a jump shooter, no perfect system & separating skills from tactics

⚡️ How to teach effort, the mental loads an athlete faces, and why position-less basketball is a hot topic

⚡️ There is no skill without decision-making, Steve Nash (video) on PnRs & three things not to say after a loss


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