Discover New Possibilities

A “lab” is a place where tests are done. It’s a place of experimentation, necessary failure, analysis, and the discovery of new possibilities.

With a similar intention, WELCOME to my basketball laboratory…!

Sefu Bernard - Jr NBA Indonesia
From the NBA to WNBA, three to 30+ year olds, male or female, North America to Asia, able-bodied to wheelchair bound, and those with varied learning capabilities, Sefu has gained a unique perspective on player development.

In my experience, the most effective and successful teacher-coaches are both artisans and ‘scientists’. There’s a synergy between thoughtful methodology and the responsive craftsmanship that comes with understanding how an athlete’s needs differ at the various ages and stages of their development.

theLLaBB (pron: the lab) is focused on the art + science of player development. To a coach or teacher, this space will serve you in completely different ways than the athletes and sports parents who are a part of this community. Yet, there’s something for anyone who is willing to experiment with uncommon approaches to common challenges.

Everything here has been specifically designed to be light enough to travel with you. Dig into the blogs, sign up for the newsletter, join us on Facebook, or get bite-sized updates on Twitter.

Tried & Tested — So You Don’t Have To

There are a lot of people giving out information. theLLaBB is here to give you focused insight. Insight, that is, into the WHY and HOW behind effective player development — at each age and stage of an athlete’s development.

I’ll also unpack the insights of other innovative teachers — regardless of their sport of choice or area of expertise.

This forum will put my experiences, my lessons learned, my stories out in the open for the benefit of others. My focus is on serving coaches. Yet, if you’re looking for an encyclopedia of basketball plays or plethora of basketball drills, turn around now. You’re in the wrong place. There are a lot of good sites and people who do that. I’ll be focusing in on the stuff behind your ‘stuff’.

What Should You Do Next?

Well, before diving into my articles, ask yourself if the ideas I’ve shared so far feel good to you. If the answer is “Yes!”, you’ll probably also get a lot of value from joining me on Facebook and on Twitter to ensure you stay updated. You’ll meet a lot of other like- or greater-minded experimentalists there too.

On the other hand, if you’ve read this and think “Agh… just not my cup of tea!”, then you’re probably less likely to enjoy the ideas I, and others, will share. (Don’t worry, I won’t be offended!)

Coach creatively. Experiment with you-at-your-best. Awaken possibility.

Sefu Bernard
Chief Catalyst

What If You Think I’m Crazy…?

Don’t just walk away. Help make me better. Email me your thoughts on how this resource can be improved. Amidst all my sharing, like you, I strive to be best-in-class and want to learn from others too. If we work together, we can accelerate that process for both of us.