It Started With A Love Affair 30+ Years Ago

That’s how long I’ve been desperately in love with her: basketball.

I’ve played, studied and learned from many. I’ve also had great runs working in professional sports — the National Basketball Association (NBA Asia), Toronto Raptors Basketball Club (NBA), Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Washington Mystics, Connecticut Sun, Detroit Shock (WNBA) — and with Canada Basketball (FIBA) gaining tons of valuable experience along the way.

I teach, read, observe a lot; and talk player development with a lot of solid minds. Their knowledge, when meshed with my own experiences, helps me give a different perspective on basketball – and achievement.

Former Princeton coach, Pete Carril, wrote: “In this life… the big, strong guys are always taking from the smaller, weaker guys. But the smart take from the strong.” That’s exactly what I hope you do here.

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Here’s the best part… As I continue learn and grow, I’ll continue to seek out more teachers and innovative minds. Some will be big names, and others, you’ll think: “Who!?” Either way, you’ll benefit.

The river flows freely. Jump in and frolic! If you get a few nibbles or find that ever elusive big fish, I’d love to hear about it.

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