Alan Keane: Observations & Trends from FIBA U18 European Championship

These notes, reflections and observations by Alan Keane (England u18 National Team Head Coach) from the FIBA U18 European Championship 2019 is too good not to share – much less to allow to get lost in the Twitterverse.

Raw. Candid. Actionable.

This is the kind of share that helps to deepen our collective perspective of the game in other contexts—and can act as a useful 🌡 gauge to reflect on one’s coaching and future areas for professional development (as well as player development).

Takeaway notes from preparatory tournament games — Part 1
Notes from preparatory games — Part 2
Reflections from Group Stage games – FIBA U18 European Championship
Finals Stage Observations – FIBA U18 European Championship

See It For Yourself

📺 Watch all the the FIBA U18 European Championship 2019 games and see it all for yourself…

#thankthepasser: Coach Keane…! 👊🏾

This is the kind of candour is about leaving the woodpile higher than when you found it.

And… Listen in on this episode of The Coaching Culture Podcast as Coach Keane shares strategies to develop emotional intelligence within your players—and yourself.

You’ll want to take notes too! 😉