Athletic Development

Every once in a while something comes across my (digital) windshield that makes me pause and say, “Ye-he-he-he-hesssssssss..!!!”

It’s like finding the missing piece to at 500-piece puzzle. Or, discovering a crisp $20 in an old pair of jeans. (You get me drift.)

Well, this video featuring Bill Knowles of HPSports, gave me that kinda feeling.

Quotables: On Athletic Development

“We don’t need to have a strength and conditioning program. We need an athletic development philosophy.”

—Bill Knowles

Multi-Dimensional Speed and Agility:


  • “One of the common injuries for younger athletes is just a broken wrist and a broken collar bone because their bones aren’t as mature. If we can teach athletes to fall, we may decrease that risk.”


  • “Everything can be done on a grass pitch: rolling, gymnastics, tumbling … So much [athletic development] can be done with not a lot of money. Not everyone has that [big] budget.
  • “Maintaining range of motion at the ankle, knee, and hip is extremely important. It’s not something that you just measure. It’s something that you train on a regular basis.”
  • “Strength based warm-ups is part of our strength.”
  • “We’re investing a dollar every day. We’re not trying to have, one or two times a week the $10 workout. We have one dollar every day. We just keep investing. That cumulative effect strategy is paying off.”
  • “It doesn’t have to be traditional football strategy. Bracing and stiffness, like these exercises here, are teaching kids once again to fall; but also to prepare for challenges. Preparing for contact. And, this type of training is a lot of fun and takes a lot of coordination.”
  • “When we give [them] rules, we want [them] to find out the rules we didn’t give [them] and then make up a winning team.
Bracing in & Athletic Development: Critical quality to reduce-stabilize-produce force during athletic movements.
Bracing in & Athletic Development: Critical quality to reduce-stabilize-produce force during athletic movements.

Stop thinking: ‘What’s the latest?’ Start thinking: ‘What’s lasted?’

Look, for those who don’t know me (that well—yet!), what you need to know is that I love the intersection between fun and functional . You know. It’s that place where badass and ‘barrier free’ hang out together.

Great coaching should be accessible—to all. And, it has a lot less to do with new gadgets and gimmicks than what the vocal minority are asserting. Toss out the cones. Stop running lines. Do these activities instead.

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#thankthepasser: BIG shout out to Paul Head for sharing. I’m guessing he shot it on his phone at the #RTP2016 event. I tweeted him; and, *without* hesitation, he emailed me the full footage. (I still wanna hug you, Paul!)