Back From A Glorious Ride

Alright… I’m back.

The past 10-weeks have been a whirlwind tour that’s taken me all over the US with Point Guard College. In one stretch, we went from Denton, TX, to Providence, RI; only to jump right into back-to-back sessions in Thousand Oaks, California. With each day being 18-20-hours, followed by a cross country jaunt and time loss going from east to west coast I my mental toughness was stretched(!).

To share a sense of it all, cause it still amazes me when I think about it, my last 10-day stretch looked like this:

  • Thursday – Finished up 5-days (at 16hrs per day) of PGC Advanced Concepts in Indiana (afternoon) … flew to Toronto arriving at 11pm
  • Friday – Woke at 5am to catch a flight from Toronto to Cuba (mini-vaca and group wedding gift for some friends) … maxed out Cuba for 2-nights pulling in 4-hours sleep each night … did it to myself, I know, but Havana is so amazing; there aren’t enough hours in day
  • Sunday – Woke early to catch flights to Kamloops, BC (western Canada… 4-hours north of Vancouver) … Cuba to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver, Vancouver to Kamloops … full day of flying (ouch!)
  • Monday to Saturday – Scouted the U15 Canada Basketball National Championships … ’bout 13-hours of games each day … lots of fun and big congrats to the organizing committee and volunteers for putting on a FANTASTIC tournament
  • Sunday – Flew Kamloops to Vancouver … caught a red-eye from Vancouver to Chicago, then Chicago to Charlotte, and finally, Charlotte to Grand Cayman (whew… breathe!) … all I can say is that screaming babies and red-eye flights don’t get along; thank goodness for Jack Black’s movie, Kung Fu Panda … that had me cracking up (ha).
  • Monday – Arrived back in Cayman about mid-afternoon … another late night as my old runnin’ mate and co-captain in university, Nate Jackson (and his significant), were on island for one more night (Good seeing you Nate-dogg!)

All in, I loved every minute of it, but the schedule is so demanding that I had to make a concession and the blog lost out. Writing doesn’t come naturally to me; and as such, it takes me a bit of time to articulate my thoughts. I really enjoy the process and apologize profusely, but my focus this summer had to be on serving the athletes that were with us. Funny part of it all was how many people that I met along the way that gave me crap for not writing in some time. Who knew people were reading.  😉

I have to say, the one thing that consistently fueled me this summer was the quality of young people that we had the opportunity to work with. Man, for those who subscribe to the notion that there are no future leaders coming up, come to PGC. I can show you about 100 each week. Awesome young people who will grow to become influencers in their own right.

Big thanks to all the wonderful coaches that joined us the summer at PGC. Like the athletes, I always think that I get the better end of the deal as I learn far more from you in our interactions.

The good news is that despite living out of my suitcase, I was feverishly jotting down thoughts and key learnings in my little book to share. Expect more (again).