Champions Know Defense Never Rests


Basketball has evolved. In fact, those who have been around the game over the decades will attest to that.

Over the years, we’ve the run-and-gun style of play of the LA Lakers of the 80’s to a slowing down of the game in the 90’s. Regardless of what’s taken place on the offensive end of the court, the one constant of all championship teams has been defense.

According, “defense is still critical to a [NBA] title: 34 of the N.B.A.’s 61 champions led the league in scoring differential, a defining defensive measurement. By contrast, just 10 champs have topped the charts in scoring.”

Check out this really well done multimedia feature from called: Defence Never Rests. In it, former NBA head coach Jeff Van Gundy, outlines ways to stop some of the NBA’s best offensive weapons.

It’s worth noting his use (choice) of words and how succinctly he articulates the why’s and how’s of how to defend the top players.