The Science of Motivation

Dan Pink, in this TED Talk on the science of motivation, does a great job of ‘making a case’ that what businesses do is contradicting what science has proven to be true.

There are many take-aways in this one. And, if you have 18mins to stick sit through it, it think you find it insightful. If not, no worries. Tune in for the first 6mins.

Pink brings out a very interesting point about how…

…external reward is ineffective toward solving complex problems that require creative solutions.

The Takeaways

If Pink is right, then when winning is the motivator for today’s basketball coach during an athlete’s development years, then it becomes even more apparent why coaches end up with a single minded focus towards games-strategies-tactics. That’s the carrot and stick.

Athlete development is a far more complex problem and therefore the motivation cannot be extrinsic alone. Ultimately, I think if Pink were speaking to a group of basketball coaches and athletic directors, his case would expose the fact that we’re sabotaging our own success—despite the ‘success stories’ that we all have achieved in our own programs.

Curious to hear what, if anything, others take away from this.


What are your thoughts?