Michelangelo’s Mastery Ain’t So Great

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.

I’ve enjoyed this quote for quite some time.

It sprang to mind some time ago after a road trip to back to Canada where I finally had the opportunity to swing by ‘Yoda Master’ Mike MacKay’s lair. (I’ve espoused the virtues of his skills as a teacher-coach ad nauseam on this blog. But, he’s one of the very best teacher-coaches I’ve ever seen—in North America or overseas.)

I’ve floated in awe of him for years. Amazed by his (seemingly) effortless mastery of the ‘art of coaching.’ The depth of his knowledge and an innate ability to strike the right cord, at the right time, when engaging athletes and coaches alike, marvels me.

How the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does he do it?!

We’ll that answer slapped me in the face, kicked me in the shins and hip-checked me to the ground when I walked into his house last week.

Hundreds upon hundreds of books and DVD’s on a wealth of topics; most though, directly connected to coaching, motivation, growth and development, leadership, autobiographies, puzzles, and team building.

He’s read and watched them all. And, more importantly, as he often reminds me, you must be willing to continually experiment with, and put into practice, new ideas.

People often ask: “What does it take?”

That’s what it takes. If you want exceptional results, you must be willing to extra-ordinary things – daily. There’s no magic secret.

Be a life long learner. Make that an every day resolution. Coach creatively.


What things are you doing to go above the ordinary?