Mike MacKay: Developing World Class Basketball Players

This. Is. A. Coaching. Masterclass…!


It’s rare to observe basketball practices that have been mindfully designed to integrate the mental, technical, physical, social and competive constraints in a way that reads like a book.

This is why we (affectionately) call Mike MacKay: Yoda Master MacKay. In his day “job”, he’s the Women’s High Performance Manager for Canada Basketball. But, Yoda is fine for us commoners. (You can tell him I signed off on it!)

Sit down. Pull out some paper and a pen and dig into this treasure trove of 🏆-standard coaching! Yoda models how to run a practice that integrates lessons learned from the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Part 1

Part 2

Bookmark this page. This is a 🥘 that’s not going to be digested in only one sitting.

Bon appetite.

#thankthepasser: BIG shout out to Basketball Manitoba! 👊🏾 They have a solid YouTube video library from their Super Clinics that’s full of food for your coaching-🧠 that will build on, develop, and challenge the ideas in MacKay’s video. Not sure which videos to watch next? Check out Allison McNeill’s FIBA clinic on developing players’ decision making and Kirby Schepp teaching 1on1 & 2on2 progressions.