The Myth of the Superhero

Superman - Man of Steel

In looking back at the past week, I was reminded of these excerpts from Phil Jackson‘s book, Sacred Hoops:

Basketball is a sport that involves the subtle interweaving of players at full speed to the point where they are thinking and moving as one. To do that successfully, they need to trust each other on a deep level and know instinctively how their teammates will respond in pressure situations. A great player can only do so much on his own – no matter how breathtaking his one-on-one moves. If he is out of sync psychologically with everyone else, the team will never achieve the harmony needed to win a championship.


It [isn’t] brilliant individual performances that made great teams, but the energy that’s unleashed when players put their egos aside and work toward a common goal.

Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the “me” for the “we” .