The Push Up: Your ‘Everything Bagel’


Really enjoyed this article, The Everything Push-Up, by Nick Tumminello and was able to walk away with some very good ideas for training:

“The other day I decided to break from my low carb ways and have a bagel. Bagels aren’t normally my first choice as a splurge food, but I got a weird craving. And since everything looks good to a carb-restricted man, I ordered an “everything” bagel because it has, well, everything.

In the short time it took me to scarf down that starchy goodness, I realized the pure genius of the “everything” bagel. It’s a bagel that can become any bagel.

I wondered if there were any exercises with the same multitasking elements.

A few came to mind, but the one that stood out was the push-up. As I thought about all of the scenarios I’ve used some sort of push-up in, I began to appreciate its versatility. I also realized that even though the push-up is incredibly common, it’s still misunderstood and underutilized.

My goal is to give you a new appreciation for the push-up by showing you that it’s much more than just some horizontal pushin’.

Read Nick’s article The Everything Push-Up. It includes pictures and video clips of the exercises.


Disclaimer: To any female readers, or anyone for that matter, I do not take responsibility for any of the images included on the destination website! (Rated PG-17). Let’s put it this way, the article is on a site called “Testosterone Nation.” Don’t let that dissuade you though… there’s some good ideas in there that are especially pertinent to female athletes too.