A Conversation With Steve Nash

It’s one thing to be great at your craft. There are many — both in sport and out of it — who are exceptionally gifted at what they do. Yet, so many fail to be able to effectively articulate it so others can make sense of it.

Steve Nash is an exception amongst exceptions. To me, this is a MUST-WATCH video for anyone interested in understanding what makes Nash, Nash. And, in fact, what it means to achieve excellence in basketball.

Curious to know…

What did you find most compelling in this video? What stands out to you? What would you share with your athletes, coaches or teammates? What will you incorporate into your philosophy?


“The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.”

—Bernard Baruch

#thankthepasser: I would be remiss if not to shout-out Charlie Rose for the GREAT interviews.