Desperately Seeking…

I’m having a flash back to days of old.

It’s 3:45am – or at least it was when I woke. (Disclosure: It’s 5:09am now! That doesn’t make me feel any better though). My wheels have been spinning.

I’m yearning for some meaningful basketball conversations. Something with more depth. The usual who-dunked-on-who (— or whom..?) and who’s going to win this-or-that just doesn’t do it for me.

So, I’m putting it out there…

Who do you know who thinks about the game differently? Teaches it differently? Who is radicalizing basketball education and just does things differently from the mainstream? Who stretches how you think about what you do?

I want to meet them. Break bread. And, pull out the salt and pepper shakers.

Talk to me Basketball World! I’m making my intentions known.