Can Struggle Make You Smarter?

Can struggle make you smarter?

Play the quiz to understand why practicing deeper is far more efficient than practicing harder.

After you play the quiz, ask yourself that same question again. This time, however, ask it from the perspective of a teacher-coach. Can struggle make your players smarter?

If the answer to that question, is still “Yes!”, then it’s important to begin to evaluating how you’re creating struggle in your practice environment for your players.

Some things worth thinking about…

  • What type of coach are you?
  • How do you communicate with your team? That is, are you the “guide on the side” or the “sage on the stage”?
  • Do you understand the nature of memory and how to harness its power in your coaching?
  • Are you creating an environment where your athletes can retain 90% of what they learn?


“New ideas suggest themselves as a synthesis of various solutions to other past problems.”

—Dick DeVenzio