Been Some Time

I know… It’s been some time. At least 3-weeks give or take. Man, I miss writing, but things have been so hectic with me being on the road, that I’ve sold some of my soul to Twitter. The good news is that I can now share, more frequently, in bite sized chunks. The bad news… Brevity is not necessarily my strength so staying within 140 characters is a s–t–r–e–t–c–h.

I finally have a little time to take a breath. I write this one from the airport in MIA (en route to Raleigh). Airport layovers are a great way to getaway crack open a book or watch a flick with minimal distraction.

So, to give quick recap on all that’s gone down in the past few weeks.

  • Attended the Leadership Retreat & Fall Retreat with the PGC Basketball team in Tampa … Strategic planning and good times mixed in.
  • Led national meetings for Canada Basketball’s Centre for Performance … Coaching the coaches, superb idea exchanges and moved another step closer to ensuring that all national team targeted athletes are being developed using the same concepts/approach across the country.
  • Participated in technical summit on men’s basketball with leaders men’s sport at Canada Basketball and their Council of Excellence.
  • Spent a few days back at the ol’ stomping ground at Air Canada Centre in Toronto … Caught up with all the guys and my past colleagues with the Toronto Raptors. Had chance to help work out Chris Bosh. (Injured players don’t travel for Toronto… So it was just my luck!)
  • Met with one of my mentors at ACC and had an intensive session as he takes me through his executive leadership development program.
  • Attended a (great!) basketball clinic featuring legendary European and Croatian National Team Coach Jasmin Repeša. (Had dinner with Repeša, Ontario Basketball ED, Michele O’Keefe, and Maurizio Gherardini at a tantalizing italianresto. Lip smacking good! And, I learned so much. I almost turned that invite down to prep for an on-court session the next day, but remembered the advice of another mentor to always pick up or drop off the clinician if you really want to learn something. Glad I didn’t get too caught up in myself.)
  • Finally, got back on court (my haven!) at the women’s Ontario Centre for Performance session in Toronto for a weekend.
  • Picked up my international travel visa to get me into India from their consulate. Taking some time in November and will be doing some travelling. (Yay!!!)

After all that… I hauled tail back home. Stayed just long enough for the clothes to make it out of the dryer and back out the door to North Carolina.

More to come as I do a dump of some of what I’ve picked up along the way.