How Do We Learn Best?

This video of a baby dancing to Beyoncé Single Ladies has gotten a lot of play. It’s ABSOLUTELY hilarious— especially the father’s laugh in the background!

But as I watched it a second time, it served as a useful reminder to me (for athletes): Some of our best learning comes from watching others.

Athletes spend a lot of time in lines. Could be on the sideline during a game, in the back of the line in a drill, sitting on the bench; and so on. If you watch most athletes, they have a real sloppy and shoddy approach when they’re ‘on deck.’ This is a BIG mistake. A missed opportunity for growth and learning.

As coaches, we must draw attention to it. Bring awareness to heighten concentration.

Sometimes we learn best from watching others…

Hey, our folks were on to something when they said: “Learn from my mistakes.”

To that I often responded… “I have to make my own mistakes.”

Perhaps our dancing baby is a reminder that we can watch and learn; while also putting our own spin on a good old fashioned booty shake. The results, surprisingly, can be just as good.


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