Iconoclasts: Raising The Bar On Excellence

Sundance Channel has a great series called Iconoclasts. This is an original series that features “intimate, unpredictable portraits of creative visionaries whose passion for what they do has transformed our culture. Get an inside look at their lives from fellow creative pioneers and discover how their work has raised the bar on excellence.”

That description alone had me hooked. I’ll be honest, this is one of those things, to me, that has everything-but-nothing to do with basketball. (In fact although I’m hoping to hook you with the basketball-related clip below, it’s far from the best in the bunch.)

Here’s a snippet from the episode that pairs Steve Nash and filmaker Ron Howard…

Other pairings for the show include:

If you don’t get the Sundance Channel on TV in your area or country, still check out the clips on their website as they are insightful too.

All in, there are some interesting thoughts from people who’ve challenged convention in their own way.

Vern Gambetta wrote something recently that struck a cord with me: “I never knew Oliver Jackson personally, but for several years when I was in high school and college he was my coach.”

Man, I find that true of so many in my experience. There are numerous ‘guides’ that I’ve met on the pages of books, on the opposite end of a click of my mouse, after surfing the waves of TV-land; and quite often, standing observing at opposite ends of a gym.

And, in reading Gambetta’s words, I was reminded to give thanks to those who have accelerated my development – although they may not know it. I appreciate them for that.

I appreciate this… this opportunity. Right now. Thank YOU ALL.


Influence = the ability to transform experience so that something remarkable happens. Not all of us can be leaders, in the conventional sense, but each of us can have influence. And, that, in its self is what gives us our own somebody-ness.

“An education of the senses. To get people to hear things, smell things, touch things; be conscious of what’s taking place in this world” – Chef Alice Waters

(She’d make a pretty good teacher-coach too with that type of an approach!)