Mining For Gold

I feel like one of them ol’ time prospectors out sifting through the sludge mining for that nugget. Trying to find ‘pay dirt.’

27 hours of basketball, 24 games, all in a span of 36 hours. “And, not all of it good,” as one coach exclaimed. I just finished Day 2 of Canada Basketball’s U15 National Championships, in Kamloops, British Columbia.

One year, to the date, I was sitting in the same gym doing talent ID for our cadet/te men’s and women’s basketball teams. I have no idea where 12-months went because, right now, it feels as if I never left. My only reminder is that the faces on the athletes look different.

The good news: After sifting through the stock pile and with a little free milling, there’s gold and the end of the line.

I gotta go lie down and let my head decompress. Back on the saddle tomorrow and the day after. I love it!


“You can have it now or you can have it all, but you can’t have it all now.”

—Jack Donahue (former head coach Canadian Senior Men’s National Team)