Pre-Game: Sometimes You Need Perspective

This video is of Beyoncé during her dressing room rehearsal for her American Idol appearance.

NO MICROPHONE. No effects. No amped mic, no reverb… Just Bey.

“Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time.”


At first, I wanted to share this because it just straight up gave me goosebumps. Bey is the real deal..!

At a glance, it doesn’t appear like there’s any parallel to basketball.

BUT… as I started to take a deep dive into what it was that impressed me the most about this performance, I realized something: “She’s just practicing!”

Think about this…

Jay-Z shot this video right *before* Beyoncé went on stage for her live performance. She’s on point; singing with conviction and passion. Holding nothing back. She’s at her best.

Often, athletes have a tendency to have a casual approach to their training. The mindset that many succumb to is one that says: “I’ll be ready when it matters.” Or, as Allen Iverson once said: “Practice! We’re talking about practice?! Not the game…”

Here’s the thing…

Players that perform consistently at a high level, understand that those seemingly meaningless and repetitious ‘dress rehearsals’ are the building blocks for future successful performances.

Once in a while, you can get away with having a sloppy practice. However, if that’s your habit, your paving the road for future failures.

What you’ll find common in players that have a tough time being at their best when it most counts, is that they often don’t show up at their best when they feel it doesn’t count—both on and off the court.

Just like Beyoncé, make every practice your masterpiece. Autograph it with excellence!

“Championships are not won on the night of a big event, but years before by athletes that commit themselves daily to championship principles.”

—Dick DeVenzio