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The Genealogy Of A Vicious Move

Check out this video from NYtimes.com’s video archive… It’s a tribute to the crossover and neat video and useful teaching/learning video for athletes and coaches. /sef. #thankthepasser: Shoutout to @dena10 and @GlideHoyas for the share!

Ettore Messina: On Dribble Penetration

“A gifted athlete with poor understanding of the game will be slower to react than a slower player who better understands the game.” —Ettore Messina The more dribble penetrations that are allowed, the more help is required and subsequently, more susceptible your team is to offensive rebounds. In an ideal world, each player on your …

Start In Stance. Move In Stance. Finish In Stance.

Here’s a video that I picked up from Swedish coach and friend David Leman’s blog: Leman Coaching. (BTW – If you can translate Swedish, let me know. I know he’s got more nuggets on his site, but I just can’t understand them!) In the video, Lithuanian coach, Evaldas Kandratavicius, takes a young basketball player through …