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Where Do You Place Your Attention?

This video is a fantastic extension to all the discussion that came out of my previous post on mental toughness (see ‘Unfairness: The Missing Ingredient in the Debate on Toughness‘). This is actual footage shot at an in-class session from PGC Basketball… [I never get tired of listening to “Coach D” talk!]. /sef.

Unfairness: The Missing Ingredient In The Debate On Toughness

So, I tried something new the other day. I began soliciting feedback on Facebook. I asked the question: What’s your definition of “TOUGHNESS”..? (Felt like I was opening up a Pandora’s Box. Ha!) Go ahead… chime in. There’s no expiration date on this debate. Vote: You see, toughness is one of those catch-all buzzwords that gets …

After The Games

NYtimes.com has a very nice online feature of eight (8) Olympic legends as they discuss their greatest athletic moments and life after competition. Just listen to their words and how they speak about themselves and their Olympic performances. Each word is telling. I always find it fascinating to get a glimpse into the mindset of …