Tests And Trying To Right A Wrong

I just read a wonderful quote by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Holocaust survivor:

Whosoever survives a test,
Whatever it may be,
Must tell the story.
That is his duty.

This thought resonates with me on a number of levels, but it also connects, I think, to the this video that was on ESPN’s site called “Trying to Right a Wrong.”

We know the story that the mother is attempting to rewrite. I wonder too what story this young lady will script.

Hope all are well! I have a busy few weeks ahead as I fly out to Kamloops, BC, to do some talent identification at the Canadian National Under-15 championships. It’ll be fun to see some of the future prospects that will go on to represent Canada in international competitions.

Last year’s identification was very fruitful as many of the athletes from that tournament represented Canada on the U16 Cadet/te national teams, on the men’s side, in Argentina this past June; and, for the women, in Mexico.

After that, I take off right away to St. James, Maryland, for our inaugural PGC Basketball college/pro session. I’m very excited about that. It’ll be almost like eating a great dessert after a summer that made for a long main course.

We have athletes coming in from the University of North Carolina, UConn, Virginia, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Texas Christian, Seton Hall and Utah State to name a few. (Oh baby!) And, there will be a number of NCAA Div. 1 and high school coaches in attendance as Observing Coaches.

I’m starting to ‘salivate’ thinking about working with that calibre of athlete again; and, the late night chalk talks.