Agility Drills Done Creatively


You know I’m all about creative coaching and creative variations (or even just subtle twists on old ideas). Well, I stumbled on these training videos from a European coach going through a series of footwork and agility drills that I thought others would enjoy too.

The Separation of Powers

Now, for those who have hung out with us in the lab over the years, you’ll know that vision in basketball is something that I pay a ridiculous amount of attention to. It’s on my list of intolerables.

We, as development coaches, HAVE TO coach the eyes in everything we do.

My good friend, Mano Watsa, calls it the ‘separation of powers’: the power to do and the power to see. I love that thought.

All, and I don’t use absolutes too often, but ALL basketball players must have the ability to execute their skills with vision, at speed, against contact.

If we as coaches don’t reinforce that in everything that we do, we allow slippage in the adaptation of this skill and encode the wrong patterns in our athletes. Vision is a skill. It’s a skill that I believe can and must be taught—continuously.

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In the case of these agility drills, all of the following drills can be done with ones eyes up scanning the gym.

The first part of this video does a good job of showing a progression of drills that reinforce fundamental movements skills that then incorporate basketball technical skills in subsequent sequences.

What creative variations have you come up with? Tell us.