The Power of Vulnerability – In Coaching

Seems odd – at first – to connect coaching to vulnerability. Doesn’t it?

It definitely felt that way for me too. Yet, after watching Brené Brown speak about the power of vulnerability, it dawned on me: how can one claim to have fully accessed the essence of what it means to be a master coach unless they are *teaching* their players how to tap into their own their vulnerability?

Take 20-mins to watch this insightful TED Talk. Then take a few moments to reflect on how you live, love, coach, and show up as a parent, son/daughter, sibling, student, or employee/boss…

It all seems like fluff, pie in the sky, hippy stuff. I know. But… it’s not.  The great teacher-coaches — think: John Wooden, Doc Rivers, Joe Erhmann, Tony Dungy — continually reveal(-ed) to us that there is a depth to transformational coaching – and winning! – that goes far deeper than X’s & O’s and ‘having the horses’.

I don’t have a solution for you on this one. I’m still wrestling with the idea of how I can bring this to life; both in my coaching and how I live, love, coach, parent, and connect during new encounters.

Just remember though… just because we’re not sure HOW to bring something to life, is no reason to discount it’s validity.

Live in possibility. And, as Brené Brown says: “Lean into discomfort.”