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Character Revealed

This is great insight into the impact that Buzz Williams is making on the lives of the young men that come through his program. This video on Marquette Basketball’s “Life Lessons” a testament – in more than one way… Here’s another video (via Coach Starkey’s Hoop Thoughts) of Marquette’s head coach, Buzz Williams, mic’d up …

The Genealogy Of A Vicious Move

Check out this video from NYtimes.com’s video archive… It’s a tribute to the crossover and neat video and useful teaching/learning video for athletes and coaches. /sef. #thankthepasser: Shoutout to @dena10 and @GlideHoyas for the share!

Where Do You Place Your Attention?

This video is a fantastic extension to all the discussion that came out of my previous post on mental toughness (see ‘Unfairness: The Missing Ingredient in the Debate on Toughness‘). This is actual footage shot at an in-class session from PGC Basketball… [I never get tired of listening to “Coach D” talk!]. /sef.

On Being Wrong

Call me crazy, but this TEDtalk from Kathryn Schulz has everything—and nothing—to do with basketball. Either way, pull up chair, you won’t be disappointed… Fallor Ergo Sum = I Err Therefore I am. /sef.

How To Overcome Your 10 Most Feared Shots

For those who know me, you’d be *really* surprised to hear if I was espousing thoughts on the “game” of golf. (That’s right. I didn’t say sport!) Well, don’t worry. I’m not dropping any nuggets on golf. David Pelz is though. It’s probably more accurate to say that he gives some insightful thoughts to how …

A Conversation With Steve Nash

It’s one thing to be great at your craft. There are many — both in sport and out of it — who are exceptionally gifted at what they do. Yet, so many fail to be able to effectively articulate it so others can make sense of it. Steve Nash is an exception amongst exceptions. To …

A Recipe For Failure: New Year’s Resolutions

The start of the calendar year is that time of year when it’s common for people to starting crafting bold New Year’s resolutions that are intended to dramatically change the trajectory of their lives. Well ‘ba-humbug’ to New Year’s resolutions. Yup, I said it. The notion to me has never really rung true. And, it probably …

How To Make This Year Your Best (Coaching) Year Yet

This is a fantastic video from Robin Sharma that has nothing, yet everything to do with coaching. Pull up a chair. Break out a note book and pen. And, tap into some good ideas on how you can better yourself (and your basketball team). Enjoy. I sure did. /sef.